Classic Dodge Power Wagon Paper Model

Build Your Own Classic Dodge Power Wagon Paper Model

Details, photos, assembly tips, and PDF download link below!

Paper Power Wagon Off-Roading

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The classic Power Wagon might just be the most iconic Dodge truck ever. Based on a rugged World War II military vehicle that was popular with veterans, the Power Wagon was the first mass-produced 4x4 truck for civilian use. The vast majority of Power Wagons produced by Dodge likely resemble our model - almost all Power Wagons were sold with a regular cab, only it's not quite certain how many had pickup beds and how many were sold without (at least not as far as we know).

Dodge Power Wagon Paper Model

We've taken a couple of liberties with our model. First, we've got finished wooden planks in the bed. According to, the original wooden bed planks were painted black. We've also mounted some modern-looking wheels and tires (you can see what the original wheels looked like here), and while the original Power Wagon was available with a Braden winch, we've modeled a stylized version instead. But for the most part, this is the classic Power Wagon so many enthusiasts know and love.

Paper Power Wagon Hauls Whatever

Get Started: Download the model here!

If you want to build your own paper Power Wagon, our suggestions are:

  1. Print the model on heavy stock paper. Your local print shop can use a laser printer to print the model on heavy stock, which will result in a very rugged finished model
  2. A straightedge, hobby knife (like an X-Acto®), cutting pad, and regular Elmer's Glue® are all you need besides the print out.
  3. A red and black permanent marker can be used to "color" any folded edges of your paper, which will make the model look a little more finished.

If you'd rather buy a new Power Wagon than build one out of paper, you can purchase a full restoration from Legacy Power Wagon. Even if you're not in any danger of buying a restored Power Wagon, they've got some great photos on their site and some incredible details about their fully restored Power Wagons.

Finally, in addition to visiting all the sites we've already linked to, be sure to look over the photos on if you'd like to see more photos of these old trucks in action.

Now everyone can own a classic Power Wagon

Time-Lapse Assembly Video

If you're going to build your own paper Power Wagon, you'll want to peruse this video before you get started, and you'll probably want to keep this link handy too. Assembly is fairly straightforward, but there are a few points where it's easy to get confused.

You can also visit (who created this model for for some specific tips on assembling your Power Wagon. Good luck!