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There are many benefits to purchasing genuine OEM Dodge parts, and various studies have indicated that OEM parts last longer than other types of replacement parts and offer a much higher level of performance.


Generic replacement parts may not synchronize very well with the other parts of a Dodge vehicle, and as a result, installing these types of parts can decrease performance and cause other parts of the vehicle to wear out prematurely.

The Materials

Manufacturers of generic replacement parts may use lower quality materials when manufacturing the parts. In contrast, OEM parts are manufactured by the original automaker, and the materials that are used to make these replacement parts are the same materials that are used to manufacture the original parts.

The Warranty

Most OEM parts come with a warranty that guarantees that they will last for at least two years and twenty-four thousand miles.

Searching For OEM Parts

If you're looking for genuine OEM parts, visit today or call us at 855-935-7900. We offer the lowest prices on all types of OEM parts, outstanding customer service and many delivery options, and we can help you to find the particular part that you need and give you discounts on many parts.