Blog - 2005 Dodge Power Wagon Zombie Hunter - Featured Vehicle

When hunting Zombies, what vehicle do you want to take? Our vote is this 2005 Dodge Power Wagon! This Zombie Hunter is well equipped for anything coming your way. Check it out.

2005 Dodge Power Wagon Zombie Hunter - Featured VehicleThe 2005 Dodge Power Wagon is already a tough looking, powerful truck. By adding a few color-matched modifications, the truck looks even more brawny. This Power Wagon is ready for action with lots of cool features like the Road Rhino front and rear bumper.

2005 Dodge Power Wagon Zombie Hunter - Featured VehicleWhile the exterior looks sweet, it is the inside that counts. The cab is ready for the Zombie Apocalypse with all sorts of cool gear to fight back. It actually looks more like a modified military vehicle rather than a private owner’s truck.

2005 Dodge Power Wagon Zombie Hunter - Featured VehicleWith many truck modifications focused on the outside, this truck stands out for the inside as well. The attention to detail makes this truck a featured vehicle!

Remember if you are looking to do your own custom truck, check out our Ram parts page to get started.

Modifications include:


  • K&N Air Filter
  • MSD Super Conductor Spark Plug Wires
  • SuperChips Programmer
  • Amzoil fluids

2005 Dodge Power Wagon Zombie Hunter - Featured Vehicle


  • Train Horn
  • Bushwacker Pocket Fender Flares (Durabaked bolts black to match truck)
  • Emergency 8 Strobe Lighting in head (4) and taillights (4)
  • upgraded headlights
  • upgraded taillights
  • Road Rhino Front Bumper w/Prerunner and 4 light tabs (Durakoted to match diamond plate winch cover by VaderPainter Studios)
  • Smittybilt front license plate cover for fairlead 4432
  • Smittybilt Fairlead 97281-47
  • Smittybilt Receiver Hitch with D-Ring 29312B
  • 4-Smittybilt D-Rings 13048B
  • Daystar D-Ring isolators KU70056BK
  • Bully side steps BBS-1103
  • Road Rhino Rear Bumper
  • 8-PIAA 520′s lights front
  • 4-PIAA 510′s lights front bumper
  • 2-PIAA 2000 lights rear bumper (reverse lights)
  • Defender Roof Rack 40404 front cab AM-4 bracket kit
  • Defender Roof Rack 40504 camper top AM-6 bracket kit
  • 6-tractor lamps wired to cargo light (2 on 40404 and 4 on 40505)
  • Spare Spare Tire mounting system – specially designed by owner
  • Defender Axe/Shovel mount D8138
  • Husky Axe
  • Husky Shovel (modified with D-handle grip)
  • Defender Hi-Lift Jack mount D8076
  • Hi-Lift 48″ Jack HL484
  • 2-Mojave Off-road Jerry Can holders
  • 2-Military issue water cans
  • 2-Military issue fuel cans
  • Mag-Hytec diff covers


  • Katzkin leather seats with custom embroidered Ram logo
  • MOLLE seat covers designed and installed on drivers and pass seats backs
  • Rugged Gear 4 rifle gun mount (replaces drivers rear seat)
  • 2-Mossberg 500A 12 gauge shotguns
  • 2-Sig Sauer M400 AR-15 rifles
  • 2-US Military M-40 gas masks
  • Misc molle packs including medic pack, flash light, MRE’s, spare magazines, knives and survival gear.

All performance work, parts installed, modified and painted by VaderPainter Studios LLC.

We had a chance to ask the owner a few questions about the truck. Here is our Q&A.

2005 Dodge Power Wagon Zombie Hunter - Featured VehicleWhat was the toughest mod?

The Road Rhino Bumpers installation was kind of complicated. I had to have them dropped at, borrow a friends shop and use him and his lift to get them both installed. All of the other mods I did myself at the house in the driveway.

What mod gets asked about the most?

The Smittybilt roof racks, and Road Rhino bumpers and PIAA lights get a lot of attention on the outside. Interior wise the rear gun rack with twin Mossberg shottys and M400′s turns some heads.

  • Which mod is your favorite?

I love the bumpers and lights and they way they set the truck apart from most others on the road.

What was the first thing you wanted to do with the truck?

Turn it into something that would make people say “WOW I want one of those!”

What was your influence for the Zombie Assault vehicle?

I wanted something that I could park out side a gun show, put in parades or just drive down the road and have people immediately give me a thumbs up and take a picture of it.

2005 Dodge Power Wagon Zombie Hunter - Featured VehicleWhat are the stickers on the driver’s side door (below the side mirror)?

Those are my individual state zombie hunting permits….LOL

Any cool stories about being stopped by the police or random fans?

The local police here in DeKalb love the vehicle and always want to take pics of it. A couple of the guys even say they are going to give me a call “When the **** hits the fan.” Most of the time I get LEO and Military guys and girls wanting pics with it. I see people filming it while I am traveling especially when I have the Zombie Hunter magnets on it. The kids across the street from my house at the local school call me “Zombie Hunter” and will start chanting and yelling that while I am outside getting ready to leave for the day.

What tips would you give to someone who wanted to build their own version of your truck?

Take your time and do it right. The secret is the details and making sure to take that extra step to personalize the part to your style and taste, anyone (or shop) can just bolt a part on. I took lots of extra time in powder coating the trim, emblems, the aftermarket part’s bolts and parts to match the trucks blacked out look.

Lastly, any other items on your customization list?

Installing a couple more mounts to the front Smittybilt roof rack clamps with a couple of M-48 survival spears, an M-48 Hammer and an M-48 Axe. Next is getting the truck painted a nice semi-gloss black and having the dents removed. Eventually I would like to do a 4″ lift, do some engine mods like American racing headers and one day a real 426 HEMI conversion!

One thing is for sure, this truck certainly looks ready for Zombies.