Blog - 2015 Dodge Challenger Hellcat Puts the New Z06 to Shame!

2015 Challenger Hellcat

The competitors, a Challenger Hellcat and a C7 Z06. Three honks. The results are jaw dropping!

Is that what you expected? Both have massive, supercharged V8s. The Z06 comes in making 650 horsepower/650 lbs-ft. of torque, with a weight of around 3,500 pounds. While the Hellcat pumps out 707 horsepower/650 lbs-ft. of torque, and weighs a staggering 4,400 pounds — making it one of the heaviest sports cars on the market. Even with a narrow horsepower margin and a huge weight disadvantage, the Z06 clearly didn’t stand a chance.

It just goes to show that the new Hellcat is a serious performance machine. Wonder if the Charger Hellcat would beat the Z06 too?