Blog - DTC Decoded: Jeep P0700

2014 Jeep Cherokee Trailhawk

Diagnostic code:





Malfunction of the transmission control system

Code Detection:

This code will illuminate the malfunction indicator lamp (MIL) alerting the driver to a problem

Symptoms of this code:

  • The MIL is illuminated
  • The transmission may slip or have other shifting problems

What causes this code?

This code is usually an indication of a transmission problem.

What the techs say:

In order to detect what this code means, you need a scan tool that can communicate with the control module for the transmission (TCM). Should the scan tool not communicate with the TCM, then there may be a problem with the TCM itself, although this is extremely unlikely. There could also be a problem with the PCM, but that is also unlikely.

In most cases, there is a problem within the transmission.

Jeep Code Description:

P0700 OBD-II

The transmission control module (TCM) is a part of many vehicles that have automatic transmissions. The TCM communicates with the ECM in order to deliver information about the transmission. This communication allows the ECM to detect any problems that may be present in the transmission. If there is a fault, the TCM will set a code that relates to the fault. The ECM is given the codes that can later be retrieved for proper diagnosis. The MIL illumination allows the driver to see that there is a problem with the transmission.

If the code P0700 is present in conjunction with the MIL, it indicates there is a code in the memory of the TCM. A P0700 is an informational code and indicates there is a general problem with the transmission. The scan tool can determine the true problem for a proper diagnosis and repair solution.