DTC Decoded: Dodge P0441


Diagnostic code: P0441

Make: Dodge

Decode: Evaporative Emission Control System Incorrect Purge Flow

Code detection: This code indicates that the EVAP system is not operating properly.

Symptoms of this code:

  • No noticeable drivability symptoms of this code
  • Check engine light is on

What causes this code?

  • The PCM is bad
  • The vacuum switch is bad
  • There is an open in the PCM circuit to the purge command
  • There is a short or open in the voltage feed circuit to the purge solenoid
  • There is corrosion in the purge connector
  • There is resistance in the purge connector
  • The EVAP solenoid, canister or line is somehow restricted
  • There is a break or damage in an EVAP canister or line
  • The purge solenoid is faulty

What the techs say:

This code can be tough to diagnose. Here are a few things you can try in order to correct this code.

  • Repair any open in the purge command circuit in the PCM
  • Repair any open or short in the circuit between the purge solenoid and the voltage feed
  • Repair or replace the LDP
  • Repair damaged or restriction in the lines or the canister in the EVAP system
  • Replace the vacuum switch
  • Replace your purge solenoid
  • Repair restriction to the solenoid
  • Replace the PCM
  • Repair any resistance in the purge connector

Dodge Code Description:

There are many parts that make up the EVAP system, and those parts include fuel lines, the carbon canister, gas cap, hoses and the purge valve. The EVAP system keeps fuel vapors from escaping the fuel system of the vehicle. The fuel vapors are sent to the charcoal canister by way of hoses. There the vapors are contained until the engine is turned on.

As the engine runs, the purge control valve comes open and allows the intake vacuum to deliver the vapors to the engine. The emission canister purge in the EVAP system is controlled through a valve that allows vacuum from the engine to use those stored fuel vapors to be burned as fuel as opposed to being sent into the atmosphere. The flow is detected by way of a vacuum switch.

The P0441 code is set when the PCM does not detect a purge flow.