Blog - How to Install Mopar Fuel Door – Jeep Wrangler, Ram, Dakota, Challenger

One of the quick and easy mods you can do to add a personal style to your vehicle is to install a Mopar fuel door. These doors add appeal to any vehicle. Here is how to do it on a variety of Chrysler vehicles.

Mopar Fuel Door Installation Instructions

Before you begin this project, make sure you have an adequate work space and that you have all the tools, nuts and bolts you need to accomplish the job. Also, make sure you have ample time. Rushing to complete a project like this can be very bad.

Jeep Wrangler

Replacing the stock fuel door with the Mopar door, requires you to remove the driver’s side taillight and swap out the fuel doors. Here are the steps:

  • Remove the driver’s side taillight and unplug it.
  • Look for clips holding the filler hose housing inside where the taillight resided.
  • Squeeze the clips and remove the filler hose housing.
  • Take the old factory gas cap strap and put it on the new housing.
  • Install the new filler hose housing. Also, make sure that the filler hose is through the housing and sits properly.
  • Next, install the new fuel door by using three screws and the provided allen wrench.
  • After installing the gas cap and strap, plug the taillight back in and reinstall.

Dodge Ram/Dakota

The installation for the Ram and Dakota pickups are pretty simple. You are really just going to swap out the old one with the new one. Here is what you need to do:

  • Open the fuel door and push the hinge away from the door with your finger.
  • Find and remove the two screws on the top of the bottom of the fuel door.
  • Set the old door aside and grab the new one. Start the screws in the new door prior to taking to the vehicle.
  • Line up the screws with the holes left from the screws you removed.
  • Tighten down the screws to 70-ft lbs and be careful to not over tighten.
  • Once the screws are tight, you are done installing the door.

Dodge Challenger

For the Dodge Challenger, putting on a new fuel door is a pretty easy process. You will just need to be careful on the removal of the old one as to not slip with a screwdriver and scratch your paint. Here is what you need to do:

  • Open the fuel door and remove the cap. Next, find two fasteners securing the existing door and carefully remove them. Take precaution here since if the screwdriver slips, you can scratch your paint.
  • Remove the fuel door.
  • Next, carefully peel back the inner fender liner to gain access to the back side of the remaining fuel door cup. The liner is flexible plastic, so don’t worry too much about bending it.
  • Grasp the cup from behind and push it out.
  • Position the new fuel door assembly (from the outside) and snap it into place. Just make sure the rubber grommet fits nicely over the fuel tube.
  • Lastly, re-position the fender liner and you are all done.

Have you installed the fuel door? What has been your experience? Tell us below!