Blog - The Tallest, Longest, Heaviest, Torquiest, and Most Expensive Diesel Trucks

Ram, Ford, and Chevy are in constant competition to make the “best” truck out there. From horsepower to towing capacity, they are always trying to one up each other. When you are ready to buy a diesel truck and want to get the most truck for the money, how do you know which auto manufacturer is giving you the most truck for the money? As the infographic below demonstrates, it appears that Ram is actually the smarter choice when buying a diesel. Pound per pound, inch per inch, you get the most truck at the lowest price of the models compared.

Not to mention, the Ram tied for the diesel truck with the most torque. The model it ties with also costs more than $4,000 over the Ram’s MSRP. To boost, the Ram is also a lighter truck than the other models, so that torque is going to be put towards towing heavier loads, instead of hauling its own hefty body. This infographic is based on research gathered by unbiased sources. When the idea came up to do a comparison, there was no way of knowing that the results would actually favor the Ram, but it’s hard to be surprised that they did!