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Chrysler Prowler

The only word to describe the Prowler is 'retro'. It's designed to look like a futuristic '32 Ford Roadster from the fifties with external, independent front bumpers, a radical, vertical 'V' shape to the front half of the car and a shelf reminiscent of running boards along the bottom of the car between the tires. It has a 3.5 liter V6 producing 253 horsepower. Chrysler put the transmission in the rear to help with weight distribution.

To keep your Prowler running in top condition, use OEM parts that are designed by the manufacturer to fit your Prowler's unique needs. Since the last Prowler came off the line in 2002, a vehicle that is over ten years old will begin to require repairs. Remember to use genuine OEM parts from WeRMopar.com, home of low prices, fast and inexpensive shipping, and free parts lookup.

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2001 Chrysler Prowler Specs

Available Engines: 3.5L V6
Available Transmissions: 4 Speed Automatic
Available Trim Levels: Base
Drive Type: Rear Wheel Drive
2.7L V6 Specs: 253 peak hp, 255 ft-lbs. peak torque