Blog - Gunner Fab Spikes Tactical War Wagon – Ready For ACTION

EDITOR’S NOTE: For the record, we’re not condoning or endorsing the decision to mount weapons to a vehicle, or language that threatens to shoot people who follow too closely. We just think this is an amazingly cool custom truck wanted to share it here.

When it comes to customizing a truck, most people think of larger tires or a lift. What about really customizing it? You mean like this very unique tactical war wagon? Well, that is a completely different animal.

Gunner Fab Spikes Tactical War Wagon

This 2013 Ram 3500 has been reworked to create a one-of-a-kind one-ton truck. This is far beyond what the creative team at Chrysler probably ever imagined their truck would be customized for or be able to do. While we have seen some modifications like this in the Zombie Assault Vehicle, this modification is much more intensive.

Gunner Fab Spikes Tactical War Wagon

This truck has:

  • 20×12 stazworks double bead lock wheels
  • 40×15.5 toyo mt tires
  • ICONn coilover long arm front suspension 4.5″
  • Custom fuel cell
  • Rotopax fuel can
  • Bubba rope
  • Hi-lift jack
  • 10k winch
  • Rigid lighting
  • Military led replacement taillights
  • Recon accessories front lights
  • Master craft suspension seats
  • Custom rifle lockers
  • Custom wrap and graphics
  • Custom fabrication work including front bumper, side boards, top rack, rear bed

Gunner Fab Spikes Tactical War WagonSpeaking of the bed it was set up with a m-66 heavy weapon ring mount with an aluminum deck plate and a turnover 5th wheel ball.

Gunner Fab is responsible for creating this beast. According to their Facebook page, they are a “one-off custom shop dealing with anything with gears and gunpowder. Some of our best products go into production. We have full machining and waterjet capabilities. We are very imaginative and willing to think way outside the box.” This vehicle surely matches that description.

Gunner Fab Spikes Tactical War Wagon

Gunner Fab Spikes Tactical War Wagon
Gunner Fab Spikes Tactical War Wagon

We got a chance to talk with Rob Fife of Gunner Fab on this build. Here is our Q&A.

Q. Was this a customer build request and if so, what kind of “vision” did the customer want?

The build was a collaboration of ideas. I supplied some rough sketches of my ideas and he said go for it. The truck changed and grew as we built it.

Q. What look/style were you hoping for?

We wanted something that was user friendly, tough and simple.

Q. What modification was the hardest to do?

The graphics being the only real fluff, none of it was standout hard. Getting the lines to flow and make it functional was the tough part.

Q. What advice would you give someone looking to do their own build?

My advice to anyone building would be to have all your parts and pieces in hand before you cut one piece of steel. Figment is key and will always surprise. Also, always keep in mind who might look at your project and try and look at it through there eyes. We were going for a gun truck/assault vehicle look, fast and low with awesome capabilities.

One thing is for sure about this truck, it is simply incredible.

Gunner Fab Spikes Tactical War Wagon

Check out Gunner Fab’s website or their Facebook page for more photos on this project and others. Our thanks to Rob Fife for helping us out with this story!